Journey by car

From "Hagener Kreuz" to Hagen City (A46): first exit to the left, then follow signs.

Journey by train

The Railway station of Hagen is called "Hagen Hauptbahnhof"

Timetable information

The electronic timetable information of German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) informs you about the desired connections for your train journey and about the suitable fares (

From the Railway station of Hagen to the hotel Arcadeon

From the Railway station of Hagen you reach the hotel Arcadeon, where the talks will take place, by bus number 515 (direction "Gewerbegebiet Sudfeld" sometimes called "Lange Eck"). A bus terminal is in front of the Railway station of Hagen.

Journey by plain

Airport Dortmund (Dortmund)

Between the Airport of Dortmund and Hagen there regularly operate bus and train (approximately 1 hour). You find closer information on the website of the Airport of Dortmund. (

Airport Düsseldorf (Dusseldorf)

To travel from the Airport of Düsseldorf (Dusseldorf) to Hagen, it's the best way you use the train. The Railway station "Düsseldorf Flughafen" is close to the Airport (approximately 1-2 hours from Dusseldorf to Hagen). For further information please contact the Airport of Düsseldorf. (

Airport Köln-Bonn (Cologne-Bonn)

To travel from the Airport of Cologne-Bonn to the Central Station of Cologne use bus and train. From Cologne Central Station you get to Hagen by train (approximately 2 hours) (

Airport Frankfurt(Main) (Frankfurt on the Main)

Take the train to Hagen. Flying vom Franfurt(Main) to Düsseldorf is not recommended. From the Railway station "Frankfurt (M) Flughafen" at the Airport to Hagen approximately 2-3 hours.

Public traffic

In front of the Railway station of Hagen, there is a bus terminal. You can buy bus tickets at the driver. Level "A" ticket presently € 2,10 for a one-way tour. Ask the driver to tell you when you have to get off. (