August 19-20, 1995
                            Hagen, Germany

                   ANNOUNCEMENT and CALL for PAPERS

During the last 60 years an extensive theory of computability and
computational complexity has been developed.  Without doubt this 
"Type 1 theory"  models the behaviour of real world computers quite 
adequately for computations on discrete objects such as natural numbers, 
finite words, finite graphs etc.

A large part of computers, however, is used for solving numerical
problems. Therefore, convincing theoretical foundations are indispensible 
also for computable analysis.  Several theories for studying aspects 
of effectivity in analysis have been developed in the past.  Although 
each of these approaches has its merits, none of them has been accepted 
by the majority of mathematicians or computer scientists. Moreover, 
compared with Type 1 computability theory, foundations of computable 
analysis have been neglected in research and almost disregarded in 

The aim of this workshop is to bring together people who are interested 
in computational aspects of analysis to discuss the related issues.  
Main focuses will be the state of the art in computability and complexity 
theory of analysis, with the emphasis on Turing machine based theory, as 
well as comparison of different models of computation for analysis. In    
particular, discussions in the direction of whether there is (can or 
should be) a standard foundation of computability and computational 
complexity in analysis (i.e., an extension of Church's Thesis on 
real-valued computation) are encouraged.

TOPICS (not exclusive):
- computability in analysis 
- computational complexity in analysis
   (both with emphasis on models based on Turing machines)
- foundations of computable analysis, presentation and comparison of
  models of computation in analysis

Ker-I Ko                           Klaus Weihrauch  
 Department of Computer Science     Theoretische Informatik I 
 State University of New York       FernUniversitaet  
 Stony Brook, NY 11794, U.S.A.      D-58084 Hagen, Germany

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 Participants who wish to give a talk must send an extended abstract 
 (approx. 5-10 pages) as a hardcopy by mail or a printable PostScript file 
 by email to one of the organizers.

DEADLINE: August 4, 1995 

 Copies of the abstracts will be available at the meeting and will be 
 published later as a technical report. 


 Please fill out the following form and send it by mail or
 email to K. Weihrauch before August 10, 1995.  You will get
 traveling and hotel information. Early hotel reservation is recommended.


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