Workshop fee
There will be only a small fee of 30,- DM for some refreshments 
at the breaks. The fee is payable at the workshop site. 

There will be the possibility of having lunch at a restaurant.

The program will be available at the registration and receiption desk,
which opens on 
   Saturday, August 19 at 8 a.m.                                        

The workshop starts at 9 a.m.

Hagen is a city of about 200,000 inhabitants, located at the Ruhr Area
in the western part of Germany. The city is called the gate to the 
"Sauerland" and is surrounded by wooded mountains.
The neighbour cities are Dortmund, Bochum and Wuppertal.

Workshop site
The workshop will be held at the campus of the FernUniversitaet:
   Feithstrasse 140, AVZ I
   Senatssaal (Room No. B 121) 
   58084 Hagen.

Telephone code
The telephone code of Germany is +49 where + is a prefix depending on your 
country. The code of Hagen is 2331 from foreign countries and 02331 from

The german currency is Deutsche Mark (DM) and at the moment 1 US$ is approx.
1.40 DM.
- Hotel list: in the following you will find a list of hotels (H), inns (I) 
  and boarding-houses (B) with prices for one night including breakfast.
  The workshop site is in the north of Hagen.

  Name              	address  		telephon   fax  prices  
  HAGEN CENTER			     
  HI Buergerkrug       	Werdestr. 2-4       	26779      	32,50
  H  Central           	Dahlenkampstr. 2    	16302 		85,-/125,-   
  H  Deutsches Haus    	Bahnhofstr. 35   	21051		82,-/97,50
  H  Harnau            	Eppenhauser Str. 53	53798		46,-/56,-
  H  Lex               	Elberfelder Str. 71	32030		86,-/180,-
* H  Queens Hotel  	Wasserloses Tal 4	3910 	391153 	144,-/350,- 
  H  Targan            	Hugo-Preuss-Str. 5     	16863   	42,50/55,50
  H  Teimann           	Eppenhauser Str. 195   	53504		27,50/30,-
  I  Birkenhof         	Birkenstr. 16		61918		55,-
  HB Haus Sohns        	Birkenstr. 28		61303		49,50/69,50
  HB Haus Wortmann     	Zur Heide 31		83893		50,-/90,-

  H  Bentheimer Hof    	Stennertstr. 18		02334-4826	68,-/195,-
  I  Haus Halden       	Gruendelbusch 7		55151		35,-/45,-
  H  Reher Hof         	Alter Reher Weg 13	02334-51183	65,-/170,-

  Please complete the addresses with D-58000 Hagen, Germany.

* At Queens Hotel please indicate that you are a guest of the FernUniversitaet
  and that you are entitled to have special prices.

- There are a few double rooms in the student dormitory for approx. 20,- DM 
  per night. Please contact us if you wish to stay at the student dormitory.

August is the warmest month in Germany with high temperature ranging from 20 
degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless there might be some rain.

- Airports: in the following you will find a list of some airports with good
  train connections to Hagen. 

  Airport      distance to Hagen  trains per day
  Duesseldorf   72 km/1,5 h       40
  Frankfurt    258 km/3 h         19
  Schiphol     290 km/4 h          6

  Schiphol is the airport of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

- Trains: there are good train connections to Hagen from all over Europe.
  The main station of Hagen lies in the center of the city. A taxi to the
  University costs about 15,- DM.

- Buses: there are two bus lines leading to the university. The following 
  table gives an overview. The directions are valid from the main station.
  The times depend on day and hour. From the main station Line 514 is 

  Line No.  direction     bus stop          one bus every                  
  514       Bathey/Kabel  Hoheleye          15 min./60 min.
  519       Boele         FernUniversitaet  30 min./60 min. 

- Cars: 
  - from the south (Koeln): on Autobahn A 1 at exit "Hagen Nord" to "Hagen
    Zentrum", then approx. 5 km to the south on the road "Hagener Strasse" 
    which changes it name to "Feithstrasse" where you will find the Fern-
    Universitaet on the left.
  - from the south (Frankfurt): on Autobahn A 45 at exit "Hagen" to "Hagen",
    then at the next exit "Boele, Emst" to the right and you immediatley 
    reach the FernUniversitaet on the right.

  - from the north: on Autobahn A 1 at "Westhofener Kreuz" to "Frankfurt"
    on Autobahn A 45. Follow the description from the south 

Tourist Information
For further tourist information and hotel reservation please contact 

   Hagen Information
   Postfach 4249
   D-58042 Hagen, Germany

   Tel. +49-2331-2073383