CCA'98 - Third Workshop on
Computability and Complexity in Analysis 1998

The third Workshop on Computability and Complexity in Analysis was organized by

Ker-I Ko (New York),
Anil Nerode (Cornell),
Marian B. Pour-El (Minnesota),
Klaus Weihrauch (Hagen),
Jirí Wiedermann, (Prague).

It took place as a satellite workshop of MFCS/CSL'98 at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, August 24-27, 1998.

Austerlitz Castle (close to Brno)


The aim of this workshop was to bring again together those people who are interested in computability and complexity aspects of analysis, and to present the results and research aims in the area to a broader audience in the MFCS/CSL environment. The topics include all aspects of computability and computational complexity in analysis with emphasis on the Turing machine model of computation.

Some CCA'98 participants


The proceedings are available as technical report:

Ker-I Ko, Anil Nerode, Marian B. Pour-El,
Klaus Weihrauch, Jirí Wiedermann (eds.),
Informatik Berichte 235, FernUniversität Hagen 1998

The technical report is available as a hardcopy and can be ordered via e-mail (which should include a precise postal address).

It includes the following papers:

  1. Vasco Brattka,
    A Stability Theorem for Recursive Analysis
  2. Douglas S. Bridges,
    Bishop's Principle
  3. Henri-Alex Esbelin,
    Rudimentary Computable Reals
  4. Armin Hemmerling,
    On the Time Complexity of Partial Real Functions
  5. Hiroyasu Kaomo, Kiko Kawamura, Izumi Takeuti,
    Hausdorff Dimension and Computational Complexity
  6. André Lieutier,
    Toward a Data Type for Solid Modeling based on Domain Theory
  7. Marian B. Pour-El,
    Some Open Problems in Computable Analysis (Abstract)
  8. Matthias Schröder,
    Effective Metrization of Regular Spaces
  9. Holger Schulz,
    Type Two Theory of Effectivity and Real PCF
  10. Hideki Tsuiki,
    Gray Code Representation of Exact Real Numbers
  11. John V. Tucker, Jeffrey I. Zucker,
    Infinitary Algebraic Specification for Stream Algebras
  12. Klaus Weihrauch, Xizhong Zheng,
    A Finite Hierarchy of Recursively Enumerable Real Numbers
  13. Klaus Weihrauch, Ning Zhong,
    The Wave Propagator is Turing Computable
  14. Mariko Yasugi, Masako Washihara,
    Computability Problem of Gaussian Function

Social Event

MFCS/CSL'98 was very well organized; several social events have been offered. One of these events lead to Austerlitz Castle, which is famous for Napoleon's battle (or was it the CCA waltz?).

Dinner at Austerlitz Castle

(Photos electronically edited. Originals by Xizhong Zheng and Vasco Brattka.)

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