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CCA List is an email list for discussing computability and complexity in analysis. It is a closed, moderated list. That is, any subscription to the list needs an approval from the owner of the list. Any submission to the list needs an approval before it is sent to the list.

This list aims to provide a forum for the discussion and correspondence (including seminar/workshop announcements, paper abstracts and so on) on CCA related topics.

We welcome the participation of researchers and students who are interested in the active and constructive exchange of academic opinion and information on CCA.

Any openings of new threads of discussion are welcome!


We offer archived of postings to the CCA email list.

Current CCA Email List Archive
Old CCA Email List Archive (1997- August 2007) (Account: "cca", Password: "old2007")

Instructions and Operations on the List

CCA List is a mailing list based on the Mailman program. There is a web interface that you can use to configure your mailman account:

There is also an email based interface for users; you can get info about using it by sending a message with just the word "help" as subject or in the body, to

Posting a Message to the List

To post a message to CCA List, send an email to

Please observe normal email etiquette and remember that your message will be seen by a large number of people.

Suggestions and Comments

CCA List is maintained by Vasco Brattka. Please feel free to send any kind of questions or suggestions.