Textbooks and Monographs

The following textbooks and monographs are devoted to Computability, Complexity and Constructivity in Analysis:

Klaus Weihrauch

Computable Analysis

An Introduction
Texts in Theoretical Computer Science
Springer, Berlin, 2000
ISBN 3-540-66817-9, 285 pp. 44 figs.

Table of Contents (with example chapters)

Ker-I Ko

Complexity Theory of Real Functions

Progress in Theoretical Computer Science
Birkhäuser Boston, 1991
ISBN 0-8176-3586-6, 309 pp.

Table of Contents (with introduction)

Marian Pour-El and J. Ian Richards

Computability in Analysis and Physics

Perspectives in Mathematical Logic
Springer, Berlin 1989
ISBN 3-540-50035-9, 206 pp.

Erret Bishop and Douglas S. Bridges

Constructive Analysis

Vol. 279 of Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften
Springer, Berlin, 1985
ISBN 3-540-15066-8, 477 pp.

Boris A. Kushner

Lectures on Constructive Mathematical Analysis

Volume 60 of Translations of Mathematical Monographs
American Mathematical Society, Providence, 1984
ISBN 0-8218-4513-6, 346 pp.

Oliver Aberth

Computable Analysis

McGraw-Hill, New York, 1980
ISBN 0-0700-0079-4, 187 pp.

Nikolai A. Shanin

Constructive Real Numbers and Constructive Function Spaces

Volume 21 of Translations of Mathematical Monographs
American Mathematical Society, Providence 1968
ISBN 0-8218-3266-2, 325 pp.

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Some further books can be found in the section on Related Books of the bibliography.