CCA '96: Second Workshop on

Computability and Complexity in Analysis

August 22-23, 1996

Universität Trier

Topics (not exclusive):


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Technical Report on the workshop (overview with links to the extended abstracts of the single talks)


Hotel list (132 KB) with references to the following map
Map of Trier (668 KB) with location of hotels.

The location of the university can be found in the upper right part of the map. For further information, please contact Tourist-Information Trier, Stand und Land e.V., Postfach 3830, D-54228 Trier (located near the monument Porta Nigra), telephone +49 651-9 78 08-0, fax +49 651-4 47 59.

Trier Information

Map of Trier, location of the university (84 KB)
Map of the university (175 KB)
Sensitive photo of the university (415 KB)
Information on the city of Trier
Information on the University of Trier (german!)
WWW home page of the university

Travelling Information

German railway timetables and information (via University of Karlsruhe)
Map of germany with WWW servers (via München)

Workshop Address:

Mail:      CCA'96, Informatik , Universität Trier, D-54286 Trier, Germany
telephone: +49-651-201-2845 or -2848
fax:       +49-651-201-3805

Additional Workshop Information

What else?


Ker-I Ko                      
Department of Computer Science   tel: (516)632-8460
State University of New York     fax: (516)632-8334
Stony Brook, NY 11794, U.S.A.    email:

Norbert Müller     
Abteilung Informatik             tel: +49-651-201-2845
Universität Trier                fax: +49-651-201-3805 
D-54286 Trier                    email:

Klaus Weihrauch  
Theoretische Informatik I        tel: +49-2331-987 2722 
FernUniversität                  fax: +49-2331-987 313  
D-58084 Hagen, Germany           email:

Norbert Müller - 16.8.1996