Membership Registration or Data Change

If you are a researcher interested in or working in computability and complexity in analysis, then you can become a member of CCA Net using the following form. Furthermore, you can change your data by submitting new data with the same form. Your name, your institution and your email address (encrypted with images) will appear on the member page after some days. If available, you can also add your WWW homepage address.

CCA Membership Registration Form
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What is the derivative of sin?
If you enter your AMS Math Review Author Id, then our membership web page will show a link to your publications in the Mathematical Reviews of the AMS. You can find your own Id if you click on the previous link and search for yourself as "Author". Alternatively, you click on your name in any of your publications and then on the "Author Profile" link. Your ID will be displayed then. All this requires a subscription for the Mathematical Reviews.

Please describe your relation to the CCA subject when you subscribe for the first time and when you expect that you are not well known to the CCA community. For instance, you could cite some relevant publication.

The membership does not include a subscription to our email list. You are welcome to subscribe to our CCA email list as well.

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